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UMANX is a robotics start-up, with unlimited ambition and abilities to match!

We develop enabling robotics technologies that bring human freedom to a new level—the Freedom to explore, freedom to learn and create without the burden of repetitive tasks.

Robotics is our DNA

  1. 2014

    Umanx is founded in 2014 by Dr. Dragan Tubic, a scientist, researcher and businessman with a proven academic and business track record that is second to none. Mr. Tubic has received nearly a dozen of awards, including two of the most prestigious prizes attributed by the Canadian federal government for doctoral thesis in 2006 and 2007, and has published 20 scientific articles.

  2. 2015

    Author and co-author of 10 patents, Mr. Tubic was Technological Co-Founder, Chief Scientist and Strategic Technology Advisor at Creaform, leader in portable 3D measurement technologies, an internationally renowned company specializing in metrology solutions until 2015.

  3. 2016

    Umanx is comprised of a team of seasoned engineers and scientists who are passionate about robotics and intend on leaving a mark in the universe. We develop all of our technologies in-house with expertise in electronic design, mechanical design, software development, robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

  4. 2018

    With the completion of a $1.1 million financing round, Umanx can now complete the development of its home monitoring robot and start commercializing it in Canada and abroad. The residential market targeted by UMANX represents 350 million homes in America and Europe.

Mission Statement


We believe that humans should never be burdened with repetitive, tedious and dangerous tasks.
We believe in the future where those tasks are delegated to machines.

Creativity and intelligence are human’s highest qualities: it is our mission to set them free.

Our Services

Umanx develops advanced autonomous robotics solutions for mass-market consumer, commercial and industrial applications. With our leading research and develop facilities located in Québec City, Canada, UMANX’s patent-pending technologies promise to revolutionize the robotics industry and its impact on people’s daily lives.

Our robotics solutions can be tailored to an array of different market sectors and use cases. We are also offering consulting services in the following areas.


Autonomus Mobile Robots


Modelisation and Interpretation


Object Recognition


PCB design, in-house Assembly


Applications & Embedded


Prototyping, in-house Fabrication

Our Products

Whether it’s for home security or airport infrastructure and cargo logistics, we’re developing innovative and smart robotics solutions with unprecedented navigational, observational and processing capabilities that address today’s real-world problems.

Our first product, code-named HEKTOR, is destined to revolutionize the home security and alarm system industry.

Careers at Umanx

We are looking for the right people rather than profiles. If you thrive in an environment where there are no easy problems, where you can learn and fight for your ideas, where your contribution is of utmost importance, we want to hear from you!

We’re always looking for qualified experts in advanced robotics, computer vision, mechanical and electrical engineering and software development. Spontaneous applications welcome!

Umanx is comprised of a team of seasoned engineers and scientists who are passionate about robotics and intend on making a dent in the universe.

We develop all of our technologies in-house with expertise ranging from electronic and mechanical design, software development to robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

  1. Product Owner


    The Product Owner's role is understanding the product from the client's, the user's, the stakeholder's and the development team's point of vue.

  2. Software Developper


    With the R&D team, you will work on software design, software developpement, and software architecture associated with Umanx technologies.

  3. Application Developper

    Web & Mobile

    You will be responsible for continuous developpement of Umanx's web and mobile application for real-time bidirectional interaction with a mobile robot.


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